Đem những sản phẩm TRÀ và COFFEE sạch, chất lượng cao đến mọi người.


Company Name: CASA CO., LTD
Address: No. 16 Doc Lap Avenue, Song Than 1 Industrial Park, Di An Ward, Di An city, Binh Duong Province
 Phone: 0274.3791.085           Fax: 0274.3791.086
 Full name: WU YU AN, position: Director
Business lines: export processing and domestic consumption of green tea, red tea, olive oil, coffee powder and coffee beans.

Casa Company was born in 2002 with 100% foreign capital formation and development of more powerful with the goal of giving people the food clean and healthy. through distribution channels and direct sales at home and abroad.

With the Food business line diversification, such as: Tea, Coffee, Cocoa, Pearl Beads, food processing ... Which has the staples and being trusted by everyone is Tea and Coffee.

Tea and coffee products of the Company to meet all needs CASA and abroad, conquering demanding markets, always gives partners and customers the confidence and satisfaction. All Coffee Tea are good quality and clean, carefully selected from young green tea buds from the land of the distant northern Thai Nguyen to the premium coffee beans basalt lands Daklak The hill green tea in Bao Loc, Lam Dong coffee plantations Southeast untouched fertile. With closed production process technology combined with modern machinery, produce high quality products with good taste of connoisseurs, not only enjoy clean food, but also join hands to protect the health of each person.

Through a delicious cup of coffee per cup of tea deposition, Casa want to convey and bring millions of superb taste and unique tastes. With pride technologically advanced production process strictly for the featured products, pure clean, healthy fit, but still own seductive flavor but also a source of energy hidden help boot brain, stimulates thinking, creativity, inspirational spark for people to enjoy.

The premium green tea products offered by materials selected fresh tea on the tea gardens of the farmers are caring, harvesting, micro technology by replacing the cultivation of pesticide, fertilizer chemical ... should be able to meet the increasing demands of consumers that are still safe to use the body of the product.

 Not only focus on product quality, Casa also focuses on packaging design so beautiful, compelling, consistent with the trend of the times and is inspired, bold culture, the Vietnam identity.

Along with staff, staff enthusiasm, determination, Casa growing and build a solid foothold in the market at home and abroad. The company has become one of the units offer tea, coffee and fresh food the most prestigious. In the near future, the company will constantly improve, to further improve product quality and made many high-end product line, further enhance its position in the market.